Flash Movie Review: A Star is Born

I AM MORE OF A “don’t fix it if it isn’t broken” type of guy. As long as the item is meeting my expectations/needs, then I am fine with it. If you recall in one of my recent reviews I said, “Just because something is new does not make it better.” This is true to me based on the multiple examples I have experienced while buying replacement items. When my refrigerator finally stopped working I had to buy a new one. The salesperson had all these reasons why the newer refrigerators were so much better than mine. I originally asked if mine was fixable which led the salesperson to go into their sales pitch for the newer models. Granted, the ones I looked at were nicer looking, brighter inside and had a variety of shelf configurations I could adjust depending on what I needed to store inside. After I came to the realization that the cost to fix my old fridge would be better spent on buying a new one, I chose one similar to what I had and had it delivered. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with my new refrigerator; but for some reason it does not seem I can fit as much food into it as my old one did.      MY PHILOSOPHY CAN BE EASILY APPLIED to movie remakes. If you look back at the reviews I did of movies that were remakes, you will not find many that were favorable. Just last week the film Little Women I reviewed was an updated version; it was one of the worst remakes I had seen in a long time. For the life of me I could not understand how the studio looked at that remake and thought they made a good picture. It makes me wonder where are the writers who have an original idea for a story? Honestly, I do not fully understand what the reasoning is behind the decision to do a remake of an established movie. Remember, don’t fix it if it isn’t broken; why would a studio want to take a well-known, classic film and do a remake of it? If the bar is already set up high, what are the studio’s chances of having a success? Maybe it is an economic decision, where if the 1st movie was successful then the new one has a built-in fan base. I do not have the answers, but I must tell you everything I just said about remade movies does not apply to this romantic, musical drama.      HAVING BEEN TOLD SHE WAS NEVER good enough Ally, played by Lady Gaga (Machete Kills, American Horror Story-TV), had no reason to believe famous music celebrity Jackson Maine’s, played by Bradley Cooper (American Sniper, Silver Linings Playbook) comments about her. There was only one way to show her. With Sam Elliott (The Hero, I’ll See You in my Dreams) as Bobby, Andrew Dice Clay (Blue Jasmine, Pretty in Pink) as Lorenzo and Anthony Ramos (Mobsters and Men, Patti Cakes) as Ramon; I was stunned with this being Bradley’s 1st stint as a writer and director. His direction was simple and pure which was a beautiful compliment to Lady Gaga’s expressive face. Acting was in top form from everyone, but I do have to say I forgot Bradley was playing Jackson Maine; he was that believable. Doing all the singing live was a brilliant decision because it added a vibrancy to the scenes that truly made them stand out. Now there were a few slow spots for me, but they were just a minor distraction that I did not mind much. This is the 4th time this story has been done in movie form and I believe this not only can stand on its own, but it shines the brightest.


3 ½ stars     


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From a long line of movie afficionados, one brother was the #1 renter of movies in the country with Blockbuster, I am following in the same traditions that came before me. To balance out the long hours seated in dark movie theaters, I also teach yoga and cycling. For the past 3 years, I have correctly picked the major Oscar winners... so join me as we explore the wonder of movies and search for that perfect 4 star movie.

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  1. Good to hear! I’m not generally a fan of remakes either, as we’ve discussed before, but a good one is worth seeing.
    As for the fridge. I had a neighbor who was selling is W/D set because he was moving abroad. My washer is quite old (and ugly) but still works and it has the center spindle which I’m not fond of… his did not and… his newer washer matched my new dryer. I had my eye on it, but drug my feet and didn’t purchase it. Weeeell, I spent a week at my grand daughters last week and got to work with one of these new washers. I. hated. it! It was constantly getting off center and was a total pain. Glad I drug my feet. LOL

  2. I intend to see this one — I’ve read nothing but good about it, and your review is what convinced me!

  3. Thanks for your review of A Star is Born. The movie has been recommended to me by a friend, I plan to see it soon.

  4. looking forward to seeing this one, I was wondering about ANOTHER remake but you convinced me on this one!

  5. I thought this was going to be a schmaltzy vanity project but a friend went to see it and said it was amazing and now I’ve read your review too. Now I’ll need to watch it when the opportunity arises.

  6. Thanks for the advice! And for the review!

  7. I confess I wasn’t excited about going to see this one after having seen the first three – my favorite was the Judy Garland one – but you have given me hope. We’re scheduled to go this coming Sunday afternoon and I’ll try to go with an open mind…thanks.

  8. I agree with your comments about Bradley Cooper. He was so magnetic in this movie that I forgot he was acted. I’m so glad that I saw this in theaters.

    • Hi John, Thank you for stopping by to leave your comments and I am thrilled you felt the same way about this movie.I was so impressed with Bradley; he deserves an Oscar nod.

  9. We saw it and agree with your review! Although there were indeed a few slow spots, the live singing was excellent.

    • Nice to meet you and thank you for stopping by to leave your comments. Thank you and I am thrilled you too enjoyed this film. I heard Bradley learned how to play guitar for this film.

  10. This one was my favorite of the remakes!

    • Hi Emily it is a pleasure meeting you. Thank you for stopping by and that is great that you pick this one as your best. I am looking forward to see what the Oscar academy does with this one.

  11. I’ll make sure to see it, based on your terrific review!

    I’ll also admit that, for the same reasons I like cover songs, I like movie remakes when the people doing them are genuinely interested in honoring the original while bringing a new energy or focus to it. Or sometimes just as a reminder of the timelessness of a classic work. I’ve not seen the newest versions of “Little Women,” but oh, I do love the 1994 version with its splendid cinematography and excellent cast (Susan Sarandon, Winona Ryder, Gabriel Byrne, Claire Danes, Christian Bale … ah, and many more!) 🙂

    • I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on this film. Regarding the latest remake of Little Women; I suggest taking a pass on it and save your money. Thank you for the comments.

  12. I didn’t see anything attractive in Cooper’s character. He was an alcoholic, always looked dirty and greasy, and sounded like he was imitating Kris Kristofferson. Don’t get me wrong– the direction and performances were great. I just couldn’t understand what Ally saw in Jack. Heart-breaking and well-acted, though.

    • HI Douglas, thanks for your comments. I feel the story was told more thru Cooper’s character and agree he was not supposed to be likable. I would be curious to hear what you think of the Barbara Streisand’s version.

  13. I watched this film when it came out and I really enjoyed it. I haven’t seen the previous versions as I’m 29, but I might check’em out just to compare the films. I think I’m gonna watch this one again for Christmas with my family. I like your blog. It definitely looks professional. Can you please stop by my blog and check out my posts? I would really appreciate a follow.

    • Hi, it is a pleasure meeting you and thank you for the kind words and comments. It sounds like you will have a good holiday seeing this film again with the family. Comfort and joy I wish for you this holiday season. Also, I stopped by your blog and keep up the fine work you are doing with it.

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